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A story told to me this afternoon at the local parrot and exotic birds supply shop:

A customer comes into the store. She’s about fifty, well-dressed, and articulate enough that she’s probably well-educated.

She wants to buy a Moloccan cockatoo, so the woman who owns the store starts talking about the pros and cons of buying male and female birds.

“Of course you’ll need to know what to do when she starts laying eggs,” the owner says.

“I’m not going to buy a male,” the customer says. “So I won’t have that worry.”

“Umm – hens can lay eggs without a cock.”

“Nooo! No way!”

“Where do you think the eggs that you buy in a store comes from?”

“The hens need a rooster to lay eggs.”

“No they don’t.”

“Are you lying to me?” The woman seems to be trying to come to terms with a difficult concept.

The store owner tries to speak quietly. “You release eggs every month, or used to, depending on how old you are. Why would you assume that birds are any different?”

“I didn’t. You must think I’m stupid.”

Aware that several other customers are laughing in the background and not wanting to humiliate the woman, the owner tries to disengage from the conversation. But, convinced that she is right, the woman persists until the owner turns to help another customer. After a moment, the woman leaves, shaking her head and every bit as ignorant as when she entered.

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